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Introducing Companies

Kalan Sanat Group has expanded its activites in Food Industry in Fars province with two subsidiaries, Kalan Sanat Fars Co. and Klan Sanat Fateh Pishgaman Co. This Group has chosen quality and customer orientation as its usual slogan. therefore, Kalan Sanat Companies have become a trusted and popular Company.
Kalan Sanat Fars Company manufactures different types of Cupcakes and Biscuits with Tamila Brand. This Company started production and supply of products in 2008 and it has found a special place among its consumers.
With the growth of market demand in 2015, in cooperation with Kalan Sanat Fateh Pishgaman Company started to produce various types of Cake mix and Jelly Crystals with Tural brand.
Tamila and Tural products are well known for their high quality and customer orientation.
It is hoped that by taking advantage of experts and modern technology, Kalan Sanat Group will take effective steps towards consumer rights and their demands.